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Cafe overlooking Ho Hoan Kiem

Cafe overlooking Ho Hoan Kiem – One of the nicest views of Lake Hoan Kiem is from a cafe with a hidden entrance on Hang Gai Street.

Tu Nguyen - thu lặng lẽ

Lake Ho Hoan Kiem

Entrance at #11 Hang Gai – its on the south side of Hang Gai, between Hang Dao and Luong Van Can (much closer to Hang Dao end). The entrance is at the back of a small souvenir shop. You walk thru the shop and you will see a tiny “Cafe” sign.  You walk all the way thru a narrow hall and it opens to an “ancient” area – very small and lovely – then, first go up the staircase and then further up the circular staircase to the 2 top floors with fab views of Ho Hoan Kiem lake.  Enjoy a delicious ca phe sua da (Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk) or a sinh to (fruit shake), relax and enjoy one of the best views in Hanoi!



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