Street Food Viet Nam


Banh mi Viet Nam

“ Banh mi Viet Nam “ is still called Sai Gon Baguette or Fried pork bread . It’s the most famous street food in Viet Nam. It could be several kinds of Vietnamese pork ham, liver paste , veggies (cucumber, coriander, green onion, chili…) and sour things which made from pickled shreds of carrot and white radish. People usually sell bread in small stalls on the street-side. Any time, We also can eat bread such as breakfast, lunch or dinner ; when walking, doing something else.

Depending on customer’s needs, the seller will offer lots of types. Some favourite types of Banh mi Viet Nam :
– Chicken Bread
– Omelet Bread
– Shredded pork skin bread
– Grilled pork bread
– Juicy crushed pork meatballs bread
– Vegetarian bread



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