Street Food Viet Nam


Balut – Trứng vịt lộn

‘ TRUNG VIT LON’ is a traditional street food in Viet Nam. It is called as balut or balot in English . Balut is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. Not only Viet Nam, but also they are common food in countries in Southeast Asia such as Laos, Cambodia, Philippines. Sometimes, only some bottles of beer and baluts , we can gather for hours together. Specially, Balut in Viet Nam processed into different flavors .

1. Fried balut with tamarind sauce.
2. Fried balut with fish sauce.
3. Steamed balut with coconut milk.
4. Balut floured and fried
Besides, the way cooked balut is also applied in Fertilized quail egg.



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